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Pedicure Treatment


Volcano Spa Pedicure$60
Felling rough? Tiring looking skin? Volcano ash is truly mother natures natural skin purifier with a detoxing volcano crystal soak and activator you will feel the warmth of volcano heat neneath your feet. An exfoliator that will remove the outer layer of your dead skin the collagen mask will have you feeling soothe and realx, along with the colaage lotion and foot booties giving your skin a refreshing look
OPI Pedicure$60
Pedicure by OPI is a systemof professional products developed to transform ardinary pedicures into extraordinary spa services. A system sosimple. Its perfect, Formulated with nature's pst soothing and effective botanicals, Pedicure by OPI restires soles with treatment options that refresh and re-energize with 8 steps; FOOTNAT, CALLUS SOFTENER, FOOT SCRUB, FACE MASK, FOOT MASSAGE, SKIN SMOOTHING, FOOT GEL, AND FOOT BOOTIES.
SOAK: Delicautely cleanses with soothing sea salt, leaving skin feeling bourished
SCRUB: Creamy srub provides indulgent exfoliation to soften and smooth skin
MASQUE: Treatment mask that moisturizes skin for a fresh muminous glow
LOTION & FOOT BOOTIES: Light lotion & Foot booties provides hydration and leaves skin petal soft and lightly scented
CND Pedicure$50
CND SPABRIGHT CITRON SOAK: Refreshing seat salt removes ompurities while retaining moisture leaving skin radiantly smooth and softly fragranced.
SCRUB: Creadmy conditioning scrub polished away imperfections while preserving moisture.
MASQUE: Moisturizing mask refreshes skin and seals in moisture and brightens to leave skin glowing
LOTION & FOOT BOOTIES: Light moisture & Foot bootis provides replenishment andkeeps skin hydrated and left lightly scented.


Charcoal Pedicure$50
The first of its kind of pedicure to use activated Black Charcoal asits key ingredient. The naturally magnetic and incredibly porous ingredient magically attracts and eradicates dirt, oil, and olor-causing bacteria from deep within the pores, detoxifyling and rejuventaing  tired feet in the process. Think spa style facial for your feet. developed with superior spa-quaily formulations, each product in our inovative Charcoal Pedicure infused 4-stepregimen was crafted to perform eddectively within the system.
Milk & Honey $45
You're going to Bee in love with this pedicure! Our sweet milk bathprovides a natural exfoliation, followed by a sugar scrub that enhances the honey base massage, infusing deep moisture and a heavenly aroma.
Aloe Vera $45
Treat yourself to mother narure's Aloe Vera care. This natural fresh plant mineral will keep your feet/ hands looking soft, smooth and keeping your skin healthyreducing scarring or sun burns and bringing your skin to a new level.
OPI Pedicure$45
Pedicure by OPI is a system of professional products developed to transform ordinary pedicures into extraordinary spa services. A system so simple, its perdect. Formulated with nature's, pst soothing and effective botanicals, Pedicure by OPI restores soles with treatment options that refresh and re-energize with 5 steps: FOOTBATH, CALLUS SOFTENER, FOOT SCRUB, FACE MASK, AND FOOT MASSAGE.
** Paraffin wax is includes to all pedicures except for kids
** ... pedicure is $15 (with manicure $25)
** ... can be added to any pedicure if desired.
** Extra massage $1/minute


Mango Delight$40
Sleiced aranges, ... petals, mango essential oil; ...Smart Spa Exotic Mango Sugar Scrub, Exolic mango Moisture Mask, and Exotic Mango Luxury Lotion; ose coat polish top coat
Lavender Relief$37
Streesed? Relieve with Lavender Oil Extract Lavender benefits in being antiseptic and antifungal which helps reduct scarring and speeds up healing.
Ocean Refresh$37
Swollen feel? refresh and cool with a... peppermint. Extract helps to increase circulation,peppermint gives the feet a cooling sensation.
Jasmine Soothe$37
Feeling discomfort? Sooth and purfy your skin with Jasmine Petal extract.Jasmine improves the skin;s elasticity and helps fade stretch marks and scars.
Vitamin Recharge$37
Exhausted? Recharge your feet with Vitamin C, Vitamin C slows the rate of tree radical damage which causes dryness of skin and development of wrinkless.
Rebalance Sea Mist$37
A kukui and Gig berry extracts rebalance skin and senses, Complete with a 4 steps pedicure. A unique mineral belnd cleases and purifies soak. Followed by a natural clay that wuickly absorbs dulling toxins. Apply over solar mask to gently lift away dry rough skin.Finally an ultra-hydrating shea butter for a massage that leaves your skin nourished.
Ginger Tea$37
Your skin is the laeges organ on your body, try our ginger green tea pedicure with a Ginger tea soak to help relax the aching feet, it will kill germs, followed by a sea salt scrub massage to exfoliate the dry skin and help ciculators of your legs & any kind of imflammation.Along with a relaxing ginger tea mask & butter massage for your leg.